Federal OSHA standards require safety training for all employees in the hazards likely to be found on the job!

Dilemma - How do we ensure that each new employee receives the adequate amount of safety training necessary for their job function?

Solution - Courage Safety Systems has created course modules for six of the main job descriptions seen below in the "Training Matrix" Modules. These Modules allow flexibility and convenience for the client, and also record and provide documentation as to the date, name of the employee, and safety subjects as well as modules completed.


Health & Safety (H&S) Program
Emergency Response
Intro to OSHA
New Worker Safety Orientation
Heat Illness Prevention
Office Safety
First Aid
Accident Investigation
Fire Safety
Back Safety, Lifiting and Carrying
Hazard Communication MSDS
Personal Protective Equipment
Materials Handling
Fall protection
Electrical Safety
Excavating & Trenching “Caught-In/ Between”
“Struck-By” Construction Vehicle Safety



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